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Its like scratching an itch to do these tattoos on myself. I have all these poorly done tattoos because I never really figured out what self-injury was until i could figure out how to do it myself. I think they are a lot of things for me. Not really a reminder of anything. More like I feel something happening and a rush of excitement that I have some power to do anything. Then I feel like I have a body. I never wanted this many tattoos on my body until I wanted someone to do nice tattoos on me instead of what I did to myself.


I am hiding right now, I am hiding behind a pair of sunglasses too. I am afraid of perceiving myself and anyone else being able to perceive me too. I like hiding. like hiding- I hide behind my comforter and then I hide a little more inside it. I hide at the grocery store and down the street. I hide right now and then elsewhere and other times in between. I wanted to let you know I was hiding, I might let you know where but after I move hiding spots. 

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